Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Worthy Thought For Today

I thoroughly enjoy the words of a fabulous minister in Calgary, AB. Her name is Reverend Carol Carnes and she runs the Centre For Positive Living there. Any time I've heard her speak, I have felt moved and connected to the great power within (the power that exists within us all) and maybe just a little lighter in my steps afterward.

So today, when I received an email from her - I am a recipient on her daily email list - I felt an AHA moment percolating and also the desire to share her thoughts here. This is a worthy concept to reflect upon today. Her website is also listed below. When you have a moment, check out the words of this wise lady. She's a gooder!

Happy travels,

Living Consciously May 20, 2009

Dear friends,

Have you ever stepped on the accelerator of your car and suddenly shot backwards? You did not consciously shift the gears into reverse but they functioned perfectly anyway. It is equally impressive how quickly we can slam on the brakes! Our use of the power responds to our use of it. That is the principle of living that New Thought Spirituality brings to the emerging awareness of the neutrality of Creative Intelligence. The quality of our thoughts is the transmission center in the creative process.

Ernest Holmes, the great 20th century author and mystic, said the same power which binds us, frees us. Is it not liberating to consider a universe devoid of a judgmental God? To discover that we are in the drivers seat, as it were, is to awaken to the enormous potential available to us.

There is no outside personality assessing our progress and making course corrections for us. There is one power and it functions in exactly the same way for everyone of us. It takes us at our word. Imagine if gravity played favourites; or if one had to earn the right to harness electricity. Deserve-ability does not enter into the equation at all. What is required however, is understanding, intention and mindfulness.

Like a child taking off the training wheels of their bicycle, we are at a critical stage of evolution. We have the capacity for true freedom and self expression if we would but take our rightful place as a co-creator in the forward progression of our lives.

Peace and blessings,

Rev Carol Carnes

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