Sunday, May 31, 2015

Trav'lin' Light...

When I listen to Ella Fitzgerald, I am transported back to a day in my early 20s when I walked in to a record shop on 17th Avenue in Calgary on a sunny Sunday morning. They were playing one of her songbook albums. I had never heard her (or of her) before. Instantly, I fell in love with her voice and the feeling of ease and grace in her every note. I felt enveloped in elegance. 

To this day, Sunday mornings at my place are music filled mornings. I listen to Ella Fitzgerald frequently. For some reason, today her rendition of "This Time The Dream's On Me" has struck me anew. Listening to her music this morning, I am taken right back to that time in my 20s, when I was just starting out. The possibility. The whole world and the life that lay ahead for me. There were many dark times then and more that followed. I just can't seem to remember them as thoroughly as I once did. Suddenly, I feel so fond of the young lady I was back then. And I feel a profound appreciation for who I am right now and the life I have today. 

It's true friends, I don't have a series or own a home in Vancouver but I cannot (nor want to) shake this impermeable feeling that all is well just exactly as it is. It's an emotional, deeply calming, beautiful feeling. I wish it for every single one of you.

If you're reading this, you are loved.
Today, I'm Trav'lin' Light... 

Your pal, 
The Happiness Detective