Thursday, December 30, 2010

A beautiful message from Rev Carol Carnes...

Living Consciously       
December 30, 2010
"Dear friends,
      As the great Rumi noticed, sometimes “formalities do not work.”  Maybe we do not need to end this year with lists and resolutions and prayers for peace.  Maybe we simply need to look around and see all the good right here.  Perhaps our attention ought not to be on what we want next year but on how blessed we are today.  Why fill our minds with plans and promises when what we are seeking is actually with us in this moment?
     Any kind of planning is putting off our good.  Sure, we need to plan a trip or a meeting, but resolving to be more loving next year is silly.  Be loving now by realizing that it is a choice and nothing is stopping you from acting on that truth.  Why pretend that you will be more prosperous tomorrow if you do not acknowledge the supply you now have and bless it? Why say there is not enough and expect all that to change just because you want it to?  There has to be a sense of having been perfectly supplied thus far in accordance with our beliefs.  The law of increase is activated by our gratitude and our willingness to share what we have.  It is always enough in this moment.
     Next year will be a perfect reflection of our inner states of awareness.  Nothing brings Good into our experience faster than appreciation, thanksgiving, cheerful expectation, giving and seeing the blessings in our midst.  There are no magic prayers.  There is creative intelligence responding to us by corresponding to our right now perception. Let us see with spiritual vision and think and act from that place of clarity. 
Peace is ours now,
Dr. Carol Carnes"

Hope you enjoyed the above message from Dr. Rev Carol Carnes.  A lovely reminder to be here now...
Happy Holidays!
Yours in the quest for bliss,
The Happiness Detective