Friday, July 8, 2011

I'd like an order of Happiness with a side of Acceptance please...

Although I am an atheist (a fact my husband lovingly disputes - he thinks this is just a phase until I find my way back to the "light"), I do still receive messages from the fabulous Reverend Carol Carnes via email. (Which may be why my husband thinks my atheism will be a short lived affair.)

The thing is, although I no longer believe that the "Universe" or "Spirit" is helping me to craft my life, I do find comfort in some of what Rev. Carol has to say.  The message she sent today is the perfect example of the kind of wisdom available to me as I sally forth in my exploration of happiness. 

So here it is.  Enjoy!

Thank you for joining me in my quest for bliss.

Your pal,
The Happiness Detective

"Dear friends,
     While it is not expected that we will be happy all the time, making the attempt may have more far-reaching benefits than we might at first assume.
      Happiness is a ripple of life giving energy which does affect the  mental/emotional field we all share.  It may seem unlikely that your moment of joy could even be noticed in the grand scheme of things but consider this:  If everyone were happy, that is, not full of fear or resentment or guilt or regrets or hatred, but just happy and grateful to be alive, think of the foundation from which we would make our personal and collective decisions. We would be living in its vibration and we all know how that feels.
     Would the happy person hit that old lady over the head for her purse?  Would happy people in leadership oppress the populace, killing innocent citizens?  Would there be such a thing as hunger? No, because happy people do not decimate the land or deny anyone their good.  Happy people love diversity and celebrate it. They share their prosperity, they encourage and uplift. They are optimistic and creative.  If everyone were happier, would there be so much dis-ease?  Would our bodies be better equipped to ward off microscopic invaders?  Research indicates that yes, they would. 
     HH the Dalai Lama told us to "Be Happy" when we asked him how to create world peace. He said "happy people do not cause trouble."  I talk to so many people every week, people who are waiting to be happy; waiting for the right person to make them happy; waiting for the world to change so they can be happy; waiting for a lottery win; a new job; a bigger house; an end to their guilt.  But nothing outside of us can provide more than a moment of elation.  Real happiness is something that cannot be manufactured form the outside.  It is a state of being and it is available right now.
    To be happy or not to be happy, that is the question.
Peace is ours now,
Dr. Carol Carnes