Saturday, February 18, 2012

It really is working out!

Okay, I'm not usually one of those people who updates my Facebook statuses with "I have so much" or "My life is the best" or "I have eleventy million jobs booked in the next 3 weeks".  The truth is my life IS amazing. But I also experience a fair amount of challenge and struggle as well.  I think most people do.  Usually, I get pretty hung up on the negative.  (Which you know if you read this blog.)  However, I'm sitting here kind of astonished this morning at how things are working out for me in a bunch of little ways and I just had to share:

1)  My "Pop", (father in law, Ted) asked my husband, Bryce, and I to go get family photos taken with the boys because we've never had a proper family portrait taken.  He even offered to cover the cost (little cutie).  Then, BOOM, from out of nowhere, my sister Joey announces that she has booked a family photo session for the whole lot of us during her recent visit with one of the best photographers in town! 

2)  It's been a very long while since I've booked anything and it's clear I need to get a job to help plug the holes.  But it's so tricky to find a job where I can work around Bryce's work schedule and still be home with the boys.  Then, BOOM, my sister Kristi asks if I could come and work with her as an assistant at her school.  The hours would fit totally around my schedule with the boys, Bryce's schedule and auditions!

3)  I wanted to find a way to participate in my community in some way and, BOOM, Maureen Webb launches a fantastic new organization called Project Limelight which provides arts classes to underprivileged children in the downtown east side and her colleague emails me to ask if I'd like to volunteer!!

4)  I was just saying to a friend that one day I would love to put my wedding dress on and pose with Bryce for the wedding photos we couldn't afford to get when we got married.  The next day (and I shit you not), BOOM, Chris Chong, an old photographer friend of mine who specializes in wedding portraits asks from out of nowhere if I would consider PUTTING MY WEDDING DRESS BACK ON FOR A FREE WEDDING PORTRAIT SESSION WITH MY HUSBAND!!!

5)  And finally, as it rains cats and dogs today, I tell Bryce how much I'd love to get out and do something fun with the boys that doesn't cost anything.  Then, BOOM, I remember my friend Khaira gave me a coupon for a free drama class for Zach at Stage Coach and the LAST CLASS IS TODAY!  (Heheheh... Are you kidding me with the fabulousity of this?!)

As I recalibrate my outlook to a more positive setting and I give thanks for all the truly great things that are unfolding for me, I can see that things really do seem to be working out.  (Ahem.. Could this mean my series regular is just around the corner?  Or, no - AND - perhaps this is the year I really will direct my short film about my Mom... :-)  The possibilities are now probabilities.

And they are endless...

Hope this finds you all walking on the sunny side of the street...

Thank you for joining me in my quest for bliss.

Your pal,
The Happiness Detective