Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It's been a few months since I've been around these here parts. A lot can change in a few months. The anger and frustration I felt so often even just in the fall has given way, through space and time, to a little joy. And a little gratitude.

To be fair, a lot has changed in our circumstances. My husband has a new job! I recently launched my business with Arbonne International and in my first month was promoted to District Manager! My son is blissful. Our home is cozy and people love to spend time with us here.

I could provide the details of the ride down the river but in lieu of a lengthy account of the events, I will offer this: Life is a gift. We are all here for such a brief period of time. When the shit hits the fan, it is helpful for me to note that this too shall pass. Though it feels impossible that things will shift during those stressful times, they always do. They always shift. Always. And I often look back and wonder at how much energy I wasted feeling exasperation and fear at what once was.

There are many things that my hubby and I are dreaming of for ourselves that have not yet come to materialize. Yet I don't miss any of them. I don't long for them. I just enjoy the idea of them! I feel so thankful for things as they are unfolding, as they are. There is so much I cherish these days. And I hope and wish to be still long enough to breathe it all in. That's all I crave these days: the discipline of practicing stillness, so I can further appreciate my life.

To those who have been following my little blog, thank you for sharing my experiences with me, for your comments and for your support. Life is not how I thought it would be, but oh what fun it is to enjoy this ride down the river!

Happy paddling...

God bless and Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...


It's great to hear your (and your husband's) life is doing better. While I'm happy for your recent success, I also hope you don't abandon acting, as I'd love to see you work more. I hope your continued happiness lasts.