Friday, February 20, 2009

25 Random Friggon Things About Me-skey

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1. I am in love with chocolate. If I wasn't already married to Bryce (who I also love), I would marry chocolate cake and ice cream. Then we would have a threesome.

2. I am 35 years old and I still don't know when to use "who" and when to use "whom". I do, however, know when to hold them and when to fold them.

3. I have been called so many crazy variations of my name over the years but I think the best one of all was on a package I received via UPS which was addressed to Mr. Enici-Rave Adomi.

4. I have a massive crush on my husband. It's the dirty kind.

5. I didn't fall in love with my son the minute he was born. I was in a hazey blanket of relief to have him out of me after 33 hours of labor. I was also exhausted and a little in shock after the whole ordeal. While I was really happy he was there snuggling on my chest, I was also ecstatic to be eating a sandwich at the same time. I was very happy to have my new baby but the turning point to real love for me came two days later at home when the home nurse informed Bryce and me that Zachary would need to pee twice that day in order to meet a milestone which would indicate he was hydrated and getting enough to eat. It was already 4pm and he hadn't peed at all. I was suddenly terrified and worried out of my mind that he wasn't okay. The fear and anxiety of that thought was crippling. Then, a little while later, my baby boy peed in his diaper and upon discovering this, I sat down and cried as hard as I have ever cried in my life. Out of pure relief, I experienced a profound connection to my little guy which informed me that - good or bad - my well-being would always be tied to his for the rest of my life - that if everything was okay with him, everything would be okay with me. And in that moment, I fell more deeply in love with my son than I ever knew was possible.

6. When I was in elementary school, my nickname was Igor. While growing up, I was bullied relentlessly (and beaten up a few times), by kids who called me Igor. Those kids can now suck my ass.

7. I have a Chatelaine magazine subscription that gets delivered to the house every month (yes I'm 80). Because I got it as part of a special promotion through my husband's cell phone plan, it is addressed to him. So when it arrives, I go to the mailbox, pull it out and (making sure the neighbors are outside and can hear) yell as loudly as I can, "BRYCE, YOUR CHATELAINE IS HERE!!!"

8. I once wrote a column in a magazine entitled "I Ate Enough To Stop The Heart Of A Donkey". It was a memoir of sorts. I really enjoy a good snack.

9. My perspective on spirituality is always changing. I am always curious and questioning the Law Of Attraction, Fate and the Universe. I like the process of discovering what makes sense to me. One thing that I find odd is how anyone (whether they are religious or atheists) can claim to "know" for sure how it is. How can anyone ever really know for sure?

10. Further to #9 - I think that heaven and hell are more states of mind in the now moment than they are destinations in an afterlife. I don't know what the afterlife will be like but I hope it has bingo. And I really hope my Mom will be there...

11. Further to #9 and #10 - I believe that we are all connected and I am very grateful for that.

12. There are two really personal stories I've written that I want to direct on film. They have both come through me, on one level or another, from the experience of losing my Mom nearly 9 years ago.

13. My sister, Joey, is one hilarious motherfucker. Yes, I said it: HILARIOUS.

14. In November, I went on an indefinite sabbatical from acting to launch and build my Arbonne business. It was, and continues to be, one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

15. Once when I was 12 years old (and a little tubby) at bible camp, I was reaching for my 3rd helping of scrambled eggs in the packed dining hall and my camp counselor hollered for everyone to hear: "Hey ENID! You're only allowed one extra helping. Put down the spoon!" It was at this point that everyone looked at me and also at this point that my nasal passages determined this would be the best time to sneeze the most mucous blasting achoo of all time. Despite my best efforts to cover my nose, I missed and suddenly (in front of all the cute boys) there was snot everywhere. All over the eggs, all over the table and all over my face. I was called "Snot Brow" for the rest of summer camp. To this day, I cannot sneeze without clamping my hand, like Hannibal Lector's muzzle, tightly over my face to save my surroundings and my reputation.

16. If Ashley Vickers is reading this: This is fraud.

17. I enjoy a good fart.

18. I have a really happy life.

19. #17 and 18 may be marginally related.

20. I will be celebrating my first wedding anniversary on March 6th. Yay! We made it baby!!!

21. I have learned a lot about life, commitment and love in my first year of marriage.

22. My husband is a great kisser!

23. When my Mom died, I was surrounded by beautiful friends and family who gave profound comfort to Ryan, Joey and me. Despite the indescribable agony I was experiencing, these blessed souls came along and created a mini version of "It's A Wonderful Life" for us. Thank you kind angels. You know who you are.

24. We were poor for a good deal of my childhood and growing up, my Mom worked 2-3 jobs to support us. As an adult, I always wanted to do something really nice and extravagant for her to thank her but in my mid 20s, I was a young pup in Vancouver trying to get an agent and broke as can be. Then, a few months before my Mom died, she came out on the greyhound to visit me in Vancouver (her only time out here). I was living with my roommate, Valerie Gorgeous Coombes, at the time and the three of us had a ball during my Mom's visit! I was waitressing at a diner back then and, with the help of one of my customers who owned a limo company, I organized a big surprise on my Mom's last night in town. I told her and Val to be ready at 7pm because when I got home from work, we would be going out for a surprise that evening. They were both determined to find out where we were going, what we were doing etc. Val thought she could crack the secret by asking what kind of shoes she should wear but I didn't budge on the details. Then at 7pm on the dot, we three piled out of our basement suite and I said, "Why don't we just take the limo tonight?" Out front waiting for us was a big white stretch limo with a driver in a uniform and cap leaning up against the door. (I used all my tips that day to hire him and my customer gave me a huge deal on the rental.) My Mom started to cry. It was so sweet and so cheesy and so wonderful. We went out sightseeing on her last night in the city in a fancy limo and we had a great time! The next day she hopped on the bus and went back home. I was so happy to do a little something fancy for a woman who devoted her life to me and my brother and sister. And I have been forever grateful since then for all the beauty, joy and laughter that is Diane Law... What a foxy lady!

25. My goal in life was once to be a famous working actor, to win an Oscar and to have loads of money. Now my goal in life is to be present in every moment because they are fleeting and usually filled with more awe than we know what to do with. Lately, my favorite moments involve just being in a peaceful frame of mind. Many lovely and blessed experiences have found their way to me and through me from here. And I say, keep 'em coming!

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Lisa Wells said...

Hi Enid,

I really hope this comment makes it into your email inbox before July 6th, because I'd really like to see you and Zachary at our Monday music get-together, but my email couldn't get through to you. Imagine my surprise when I googled you, and you came up as the number one hit on Enid-Raye Adams on IMDB, of all things! I thought I only knew one person on iMDB, but now I know two! Anyways, please email me or comment on MY blog, will ya? My email address (take out the spaces and it will work - I don't want a ton of spam so I'm adding extra spaces) is chaos 159 @