Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'll have what she's having

Today, as I start the laundry (an every day occurrence in my house), I find myself directly in the path of a cool breeze lofting in from the back yard. It dances along the nape of my neck and over my exposed shoulders, lingering for a while in a much welcome caress of sorts on my back. It is a lovely little reminder calling me to look outside at the sunshine as it glimmers through the trees.

Zachary, recovering from a rip roaring ear infection, is sitting in his "little man" chair eating a home made apple juice popsicle. He is telling me all about his favorite characters in Cars as his baby brother naps in his cradle. I love them.

There are freshly baked muffins on the stove, good health in our bodies and an ever present love that binds our little family ever closer as our days skip along through domestic minutia, belated Mother's Day dinners and what we are hoping is the Canucks run to the Stanley Cup!
They are coming back from behind in their series against Chicago and are starting over again. Luongo has shaved his beard and is giving himself a fresh start. It's a new game. If they win tonight to tie this thing, Bryce may shave his play off beard in solidarity. Or he may keep it. There are many options from which to choose. Many roads to take, even in the seemingly small arenas involving facial hair.

So many choices...

Today, I choose happiness. I choose to sit in the presence of each moment I am in and I choose to give thanks for it. My inner being is smiling at me with a twinkle in her eye for she knows that no matter what, it's all good. I can't go wrong here. There is so much to delight in and the evidence of it is whirling past and through me like a marvelous buffet, brilliant in its sustenance. And my inner being, the cheeky Goddess that she is, knows this. She helps me stop and choose the small glories to sample in this moment. She takes the first bite and I can see the light of its nourishment billowing out of her through every pore.

I think I'll have what she's having...

Enjoy your day. It's delicious!

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S├ębastian Hell said...

I'm keeping my playoff beard as long as the Habs and Canucks are still alive. An all-Canadian final would be wonderful, epic.