Saturday, June 9, 2012

I love you Mom...

Thinking of my Mom, Diane, who died 12 years ago this morning.

A lot has happened in the time since she's been gone: Anguish and desperation over her loss; loneliness and struggle over her very tangible absence; as well as healing and new beginnings with a family of my own. (Not necessarily in that order and sometimes all mixed together.)

But this morning, all I can think about is how much she loved me. She worked so hard for Ryan, Joey and me. She cultivated seeds in us of dreams that would drive the three of us through life. I am an actor because of her. I believe that greatness is possible for everyone in life because of her. And I continue to pick myself up and dust myself off when I have fallen because of her unwavering belief that greatness is possible for me.

Today, I am humbled by her devotion and sacrifice for her children while she lived. I am inspired by her conviction in the belief that you could reach out and change the life of your fellow man with simple kindness. And I am grateful that I was one of the lucky ones who was loved by her.

Wherever you are Mom, in the ether or atmosphere, energy or 'afterlife', please know that I love you, that I miss you and that you did it right.
It is my honor to remember you and to have been mothered by you.

And to anyone reading this, in honor of my Mom, please go out and make your dreams come true. She was the type of lady who would be rooting for you all the way.

Diane Lynn Law
My Beautiful Mom
One hell of a groovy lady...

Yours in the quest for bliss,

The Happiness Detective

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S├ębastian Hell said...

Thanks, I needed something uplifting like this.