Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gun Control and Mental Illness

Gun control first.

Mental Health (and health in the USA overall) next. And by next, I do mean now. When I read this article, I likened this Mom's struggle during her son's knife attack to the whole gun control issue in the USA overall. When he threatened to kill her and his siblings, she didn't stop to address his mental health issue first. She first contained him and collected the knives in the house to prevent him from harming her and others. Then she addressed his health issue.
That's how I see it overall. Take the guns away from everyone in the USA, including those who suffer from mental health illness, to prevent them from harming others. Then address the health issues immediately and ongoing.

And, from my perspective, poverty vs the 1% factors into this as well. I understand this latest shooting happened in an affluent community but overall, when the 1% keeps the wealth to themselves for the sole purpose of creating more wealth FOR themselves, the masses go without essentials, which in this case includes serious and meaningful health care for mental illness.

I want these children's lives, cut down so brutally, so tragically and so prematurely, to mean something. If that something is change now to troubling issues that should have been properly addressed long ago (gun control, poverty and health care), then their lives lost are still too high a price to pay. But to do nothing, or something that is miniscule in scope would be to have let them died in vain.

I'm talking to you Congress and NRA. You can be humane or you can ignore this issue in order to make more money.

But you can't do both.

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