Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ladies And Gentleman, Do We Have A Winner?

I genuinely hope this tentative deal is one that works best for teachers and students. Educators in this province really took a hit for us.

If you are a teacher and you're reading this, please know how much my family appreciates your sacrifice and your commitment to education.

Thank you teachers, for waking me up from my apathy. Over the last couple years, I've not been involved in my community the way I need to be as a citizen. You brought an important issue to the forefront of my awareness and showed us all what we can achieve when we stand together and work for the common good. Even though you weren't working for a pay cheque during this strike, you still managed to teach me an incredibly valuable lesson.

I hope this deal is worthy of you.

With tremendous gratitude and respect,

Enid-Raye Adams
AKA, The Happiness Detective


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