Monday, September 21, 2015

Is Nothing Sacred?

Well folks, I'm feeling the deep feels today. My kids are both in school full time. I'm keenly aware of the passage of time. I'm resonating intensely with the life experiences of friends I know and those in this world I have never met. 
I'm a wee bit, as they say, open.
This morning, I walked by a Terry Fox poster in my boys' school and I could not stop the goose bumps, the awe and the emotion that bubbled up as I read and re-read all the details of Terry's journey. 
When I was a kid, my brother and I thought if we chanted "Honk your horn for Terry Fox!" at the cars that drove by that FOR CERTAIN all those who honked their horn would help Terry get better so he could complete his Marathon of Hope, finish his run across Canada and find a cure for cancer. 
Tonight, 35 years later, my two little boys sit in a bathtub together and chant back and forth:
"When I say Terry, you say - "
They do this for a young man who ran and lived decades before they ever came to know life. Their cheers for my childhood hero lift my spirits and fill me with hope that the truly good and decent among us will continue to be celebrated long after their time on this planet has passed. And that this, in turn, will inspire countless others to allow their own goodness and decency to be the cream that rises to the top.
It is reprehensible to me that the Conservative Party has politicized and campaigned at the expense of my childhood hero in this way. I know I shouldn't be surprised. But, to me, this really is a new low.
Shame on you, Conservative Party.
Shame on your lack of integrity.
Shame on your deceitful standard operating procedure.
And shame on your disregard for the sanctity of a legend.
Terry Fox persevered and accomplished what is illogical and impossible. He deserved better than this. As did his family. 
October 19th cannot come soon enough for me. 
In the meantime, feel free to donate to a great cause in honour of one of the most extraordinary Canadians of all time: Terry Fox Foundation
Thank you Terry, for everything.
Your pal,
The Happiness Detective

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