Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today as I go about my day, I will breathe the very life of ease and freedom. I will know that there is more than enough in my bank account so that I enjoy only prosperity. I will release the shackles of any previous mindset that imprisoned my grace in a house of struggle. I release the fatigue that was embellished from my pattern of negative thinking and I will wholeheartedly embrace the vibrant effervescence of simply knowing that I am good enough.

I am good enough to be happy.

I am good enough to be wealthy.

I am good enough to trust that my marriage is a match made in heaven.

I am good enough to be my husband's best friend.

I am good enough to believe that my husband is good enough.

I am good enough to write a book.

I am good enough to make manifest anything I dream up: riches, adventures in other lands, a new home, a great time in the 5k.

I am good enough to let go and let God.

I am good enough to surrender control and know that life will support my every step. And further more, I am good enough to not only know this but to live it as well.

Today, I am a vessel for peace. Today I am the wings upon which beauty and healing fly to heights previously undiscovered by me and I am the generous spirit who will share that beauty and healing with all who seek it. I change the world for the better with my very existence.

I am a powerful being and I am here to succeed. All that is required of me in this moment is that I surrender. That I surrender control, old unhelpful habits and the idea that I am meant to fail. This above all else I pledge to surrender most of all. For I was not born of this earth to make misery. I was born to make merry.

God bless me as I open my heart to show my vulnerability. No one will attack me. I am safe. I am free. And I am powerful.

All is well in my world. Ease and freedom are mine and they are me. They are the waters that shoulder my blessed and worthy being. And I will ride them to the very last drop.

May peace be yours today and every day.